Featured Amarnath Packages 2024: Embrace the Divine

Soar to Serenity

  • Himalayan Bliss Helicopter Darshan (5 Days/4 Nights): Witness the sacred ice lingam from above with ease. Includes comfortable helicopter transfers, cozy camp stays, and essential meals. Ideal for families and seniors.

Per Person Cost-INR 150,000 for Indian & Nepali / USD 2000 for Rest of World

  • Trail of Tranquility: Baltal Trek & Darshan (7 Days/6 Nights): Embark on a challenging yet spiritually invigorating trek through stunning landscapes. Includes tent accommodations, experienced guides, and wholesome meals. For adventurous pilgrims seeking deeper connection.

Per Person Cost-INR 110,000 for Indian & Nepali / USD 1550 for Rest of World

Soar to Serenity

Experience Every Step:

  • Darshan Delights: Pahalgam Trek & Helicopter Return (6 Days/5 Nights): Combine the thrill of trekking with the convenience of a return helicopter flight. Enjoy comfortable trekker huts, scenic walks, and nourishing meals. Perfect for moderate fitness levels.

Per Person Cost-INR 110,000 for Indian & Nepali / USD 1550 for Rest of World

  • Budding Explorer: Panchtarni Darshan & Trek Back (8 Days/7 Nights): Immerse yourself in the beauty of Panchtarni with this extended trek. Includes tents, experienced guides, and traditional meals. For seasoned trekkers seeking deeper exploration.

Per Person Cost-INR 120,000 for Indian & Nepali / USD 1650 for Rest of World

Experience Every Step:

Tailor Your Journey:

Customize Your Pilgrimage: Design your dream pilgrimage with our flexible options. Choose helicopter or trekking segments, preferred accommodation, and add adventure activities like pony rides or ice cave visits. Create a unique experience that reflects your spiritual needs.

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Plan Your Divine Path: Essential Information for Your Amarnath Pilgrimage 2024

Embrace the transformative journey to the sacred Amarnath Cave with ease! This dedicated section equips you with all the essential information to plan your unforgettable PIlgrimage in 2024.

Reach the Divine Peak:

  • Pilgrimage Dates: Embark on your spiritual odyssey between July 1st and August 19th, 2024. Don’t miss this precious window to witness the sacred ice lingam.
  • Permit Passages: Secure your journey with the crucial Pilgrimage permit. Application deadlines vary – plan ahead and start the process before March 31st for a smooth experience.
Reach the Divine Peak:

Walk or Soar, Each Step is Blessed:

  • Trekking Trails: Embrace the scenic challenge of the 7-day Pahalgam or 5-day Baltal treks. Immerse yourself in the pristine beauty of the Himalayas and connect with nature’s grandeur.
  • Helicopter Darshan: Opt for the swift comfort of a helicopter ride and relish breathtaking aerial views of the snow-capped mountains. Ideal for families, seniors, or those seeking a quicker darshan.
Walk or Soar, Each Step is Blessed:

Open Your Heart, Prepare Your Body:

  • Eligibility: Embark on the Pilgrimage with a spirit of reverence and a physically fit body. Ages 13-70 with a valid medical certificate are eligible pilgrims.
  • Essential Documents: Ensure you have your Aadhaar card, PAN card (Passport for foreigners), medical certificate, application form, photograph, and ID proofs readily available. Download our handy checklist for a stress-free process!
Open Your Heart, Prepare Your Body:

Weather Your Steps, Conquer the Elements:

  • Climatic Conditions: Be prepared for cool temperatures with potential for rain or even snowfall. Pack waterproof gear, layered clothing, sturdy footwear, and sunscreen for a comfortable Pilgrimage.
  • Travel & Logistics: Explore our diverse range of packages featuring different accommodation options, transportation choices, and additional services to cater to your specific needs.
Weather Your Steps, Conquer the Elements:

Answers at Your Fingertips:

Frequently Asked Questions: Visit our comprehensive FAQ section for instant answers to all your queries, from permit procedures to weather conditions and packing tips.


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With Amarnath Yatri as your companion, embark on a Pilgrimage filled with serenity, adventure, and the blessings of Lord Shiva!

Answers at Your Fingertips:

Voices of Devotion: Testimonials & Reviews

Embarking on the Amarnath Pilgrimage is a journey that leaves an indelible mark on the soul. Hear these heartwarming stories from past pilgrims who, with the guiding hand of Amarnath Yatri, experienced the magic of the Yatra firsthand:

Vivid Videos, Vibrant Memories:

Trusted Reviews, Building Confidence:

  • Facebook Reviews: See our 4.7-star rating on Facebook and read authentic reviews from pilgrims like you. They’ll tell you about our personalized care, reliable service, and unwavering commitment to making your Pilgrimage unforgettable.
  • “Best Pilgrimage Company” Award: We’re proud to be recognized for our excellence! Awards like this speak volumes about our dedication to your spiritual journey.

More than just words, these testimonials and reviews offer a glimpse into the transformative power of the Amarnath Pilgrimage and the exceptional service you can expect from Amarnath Yatri.


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  • Trust the wisdom of those who have come before you. Choose Amarnath Yatri, your reliable companion on the path to the divine.

Let these voices of devotion guide you as you embark on your own life-altering Amarnath Pilgrimage experience!

Open Doors, Open Hearts: Trust & Transparency at Amarnath Yatri

Open Doors, Open Hearts: Trust & Transparency at Amarnath Yatri
Open Doors, Open Hearts: Trust & Transparency at Amarnath Yatri

Your Amarnath Yatra journey starts with trust. At Amarnath Yatri, we believe in transparency and open communication every step of the way.

Connect with Ease:

  • Reach Out Anytime: We’re here for you! Contact us through:
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Clarity at Your Fingertips:

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  • Safe & Secure Transactions: Rest assured, your payments are protected with our secure payment gateway.


  • Transparency fosters trust. We believe in providing you with all the information you need to make informed decisions and embark on your Pilgrimage with confidence.
  • Don’t hesitate to reach out! We’re here to answer your questions, address your concerns, and guide you through every step of your pilgrimage.

With Amarnath Yatri, embark on a journey of devotion, open hearts, and unshakeable trust!

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