Unveiling the Path: Learn About Us

Embark on your soul-stirring journey to Amarnath with Amarnath Yatri, your trusted guide to this transformative pilgrimage. As a unit of Ambraoleia Hospitality Private Limited, we’re not just travel experts – we’re passionate facilitators of spiritual growth.

Our promise: We orchestrate seamless Amarnath Pilgrimage experiences for both Helicopter and Trekking devotees, ensuring you focus on your inner journey while we handle the logistics with utmost care.

More than a trek, it’s a transformation:

  • Seamless Experience: From permits and travel arrangements to accommodation and medical support, we handle every detail, offering you peace of mind to dive deep into your pilgrimage.
  • Divine Darshan: Our experienced guides, like Rudra with his 5 years of expertise and unwavering devotion, navigate you to the holy cave for a breathtaking Darshan of Lord Shiva.
  • Best Possible Service: We believe in exceeding expectations. That’s why we offer comfortable accommodation, delicious and nutritious meals, and personalized attention all along the way

Our Mission: We don’t just guide you – we empower you to experience the soul-stirring journey of Amarnath. We believe the pilgrimage is more than a trek; it’s a spiritual homecoming, a test of resilience, and a celebration of faith. We equip you with the knowledge, resources, and support to make this sacred journey unforgettable.

Our Values: Transparency, integrity, service, and cultural respect are the pillars of our foundation. We are committed to open communication, ethical practices, exceeding expectations, and honoring the traditions and people of Kashmir.

Meet Your Amarnath Sherpa:

  • Rudra: With 5 years of experience under his belt, Rudra is your map and compass to Amarnath. He possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of routes, clear guidance, and unwavering devotion to Lord Shiva. He navigates the intricate packages, keeps you updated, and ensures your trek is an adventure you’ll cherish.

Trusted Partners & Collaborations: We believe in collaboration. We partner with reliable organizations, Hotels, Houseboats, Cab Operators, local experts, Guides, Sherpa’s and medical professionals to provide you with comprehensive support and ensure your safety and well-being throughout your pilgrimage.

Giving Back to Amarnath: Our commitment extends beyond the pilgrimage. We actively support initiatives that promote sustainability in the Himalayan region and empower local communities. Your journey helps us preserve the natural beauty of Amarnath and uplift the lives of its people.

Join us on the path to self-discovery. Choose us as your Amarnath Pilgrimage partner and experience the magic of this transformative journey.

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